Fantasy Football Websites

It’s typical for a website to offer a list of resources for their visitors, although in recent years, this has become less common. But honestly, my favorite way to surf the Internet is via personalized recommendations from sites I trust. Here’s a list of high quality, handpicked websites about fantasy football and other subjects of interest to fantasy football players.

Fantasy Football CafeThis site is like mine–a resource with articles and information for fantasy football players. You can find suggestions for which players to start and which ones to bench each week. They also offer lists of sleepers and opinions about player rankings.

Fantasy Football TodayMy very good friend Mike Davis writes a weekly column for this site. They include a blog, projections, rankings, and cheatsheets on their site. The articles here are well-written and literate.

Football GuysThey offer subscription based advice and information about how to dominate your fantasy football league. And if you’re not interested in dominating your league, then why play fantasy football in the first place?

The HuddleAnother site that charges for their fantasy football advice. But if it helps you win your league, then it’s worth it, isn’t it?

Redkings Poker CodeA lot of fantasy football fans also enjoy playing poker. I’m a particular fan of the Redkings poker site, but I also know that poker players look for value. This page is all about maximizing the signup bonus money that you get from Redkings. It’s well worth visiting.

Strategy PokerArticles and advice about poker strategy. (One of my other sites.)

Please be aware that I’m not really interested in trading links. I listed these sites here because I thought they’d be useful to my visitors. Some of them might or might not link back–if they think my site would also be useful to their visitors, then I’d enjoy getting a link in return.