Rant after Cowboys Loss to Green Bay Packers

I really didn’t think it could get worse after the Lions loss, but it did. I just don’t know how this regime can be allowed to continue.

The one saving grace for me and the rest of the Cowboys Faithful is the fact this season (and regime) only has two more games to go.

The problem is, as late as two weeks ago, Jerry Jones still sounded like he’s fooled by the dismal play of the NFC East into thinking the Cowboys are a contender. Someone in the organization, please open this man’s eyes.

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Awful, awful, awful…if Jerry Jones says anything about them still being in the playoff chase or still controlling their own fate this week, I might not watch the game next week.  They are just awful in so many ways, it’s hard to know where to start…and it can all be traced back to Jerry.

My brother-in-law, a lifetime fan of several decades, recently told me he might have to stop watching Cowboys games.  I told him, “If this game doesn’t force that decision, nothing will.”

Can the Surreal Be Predictable?

The fact that it’s so predictable that they’re going to mess up at the end is what makes it so disgusting.  I told my girlfriend in the 1st Half the Eagles had gotten blown out by an awful team today, so if the Cowboys let the Packers without Aaron Rodgers beat them, they should just blow the whole team up.

Made Flynn Look Like Favre

That was when I was still thinking Matt Flynn was so bad that even the Cowboys couldn’t give up that lead.  Sure enough, the Dallas Defense was bad enough to give up the lead, but they almost had to TRY to screw up so bad to let them come back. No defense, no running the ball to start the 2nd half, no running the ball with 4 minutes left. Putting the ball in Romo’s hands with 2 minutes left and the lead.

By the way, I noticed the office politician, Jason Garrett, is trying to pass the buck and say Romo was given a run play there…the whole thing is just awful.

But if they win next week, Jerry can say they were one game from the playoffs…again.  The best thing for the franchise would be to have the Eagles win next week and the Cowboys lose to the Skins, so they didn’t have that hope the last week of the season…and then a blowout to the Eagles in Week 17.   Maybe then, Jerry would understand this is just an awful team and it’s getting worse–but probably not.

I read a message board the other day where they were joking about the defense being so bad, that Jerry should motivate them by giving a couple of defenders contract extensions.  That was a joke, but sure enough, Jerry Jones signed Orlando Skandrick to a contract extension 2 days ago, once again rewarding failure. Skandrick is the player I’ve kept saying these last two years shouldn’t be in the NFL.  I don’t know what to say, except the whole thing is just surreal…and Jerry Jones continues to reward failure.

Backing the Wrong Horse

As for Jason Garrett, I’ve always said he proved he didn’t know NFL football when he turned down a head coaching job with the Baltimore Ravens. Under Ozzie Newsome, the Ravens are a model NFL front office. The franchise is a perennial contender…and a real contender, not like the Cowboys’ fake contention. Instead of taking the head coaching job with the Ravens back in 2008, Garrett chose to stay as an assistant with the Dallas Cowboys, which is a disaster of a front office.

Again, that one decision shows Garrett doesn’t understand NFL football. His years as head coach have only proven I was right.

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