Funny Fantasy Football League Names

Funny fantasy football league names work a little differently than ff franchise names. The league name not only has to give a hint about the identity or personality of the core members of the league, but it also has to sound interesting to potential new league members you’re hoping to recruit. While they might care more about the size of the entry fees, the prize money, the scoring system, the league rules, and the makeup of the league membership, a good league name helps tell a fantasy football veteran what kind of fantasy football league they’re about to join. At the very least, it gives the new owner and idea about what this group of guys find important, or how they view themselves.

I’ll discuss those concepts in greater detail later. For now, let’s look at the different ways you can go about adding comedy to your fantasy football league.

  • Funny Acronyms
  • Bathroom Humor
  • Fictional References
  • Inside Jokes

Funny Acronyms – League Names for Laughs

Funny acronyms are always a good way to go, if your league doesn’t have a naturally funny league membership or origin story. Think of a short word your league members would find funny and come up with a feasible name based on that acronym. One obvious name is “FART”, which might be derived from “Football and Recreational Teams” or “Football and Rotisserie Trust”.

Fictional References in Fantasy Football

One of my favorite names for a fantasy football league is the “California Penal League”, since that’s a reference to where Charlie Sheen’s character in the movie “Major League” was supposed to have arrived from. Finding other references in the pop culture or history is one way to go. These don’t have to be direct references. “The League of Extraordinary Genitals” is another league I’ve heard about, so you can see how far-out these league names can be. “NFL” is another natural acronym to use, and official names for the league could be “Not F-cking Likely” or “No F-cking Ladies”.

Bathroom Humor – Silly FF League Names

As you may have already guessed, bathroom humor always has its allure in fantasy humor. League like “Fart Knockers”, “Toilet Bowl”, “Passing Gas”, “Swirling the Bowl”, and “Who Farted?” are perennial favorites. If you prefer high-brow comedy, you might ask yourself what you’re doing betting on football, but I’ll try to give such players ideas, as well.

Inside Jokes – Hilarious Fantasy Football Leagues

If your group has a shared inside joke, that’s comedy gold for naming a fantasy football league. This not only strengthens camaraderie, but it gives the league a sense of history and purpose. For instance, I have a friend who’s been in a league since 1986. During or after one of the early drafts, the guys got drunk and ended up at a strip club. While I won’t go into great details, things got out of hand, someone brought a woman (but not a stripper) home, and one of the league member’s thumbs was inserted somewhere I won’t mention. So it’s natural that league would be named “Thumbs Up”.

Okay, that wasn’t high-brow in the least, but if the core membership of your league has a shared joke, that’s a perfect moment to reference in your league name. This gives you fantasy football season a kind of hush-hush, secret society or fraternity feel which is perfect for betting on fantasy football. This is where the acronym is good to use, whether it forms a word or not, since you don’t want the wives to know your league’s real name. It goes without saying that the first guy to tell his wife is a complete sellout and d-bag.

Naming a Fantasy Football League

Let me give an example of the leagues I’m in and show you what I’m talking about. To protect the innocent, I’m going to change a few of the names in question, without ruining my point. I’ll start with the chronological creation of these leagues.

  • Trinity River Fantasy Football League
  • North Texas Fantasy Football League
  • Gun Barrel City Fantasy Football League
  • Insane Fantasy Football League
  • Lucas High Rollers League

Geographic League Names

The Trinity River league is a simple geographical location, denoting the league is made up of people near the Trinity River, which runs through the Dallas-Fort Worth area in North Texas. You won’t find any deep meaning or funny origin behind this league name. The league is a bunch of serious fantasy football players with a history of showdowns and controversies and a correspondingly-long rule book. These guys take their fantasy football serious–perhaps too serious. Their division names are Landry, Brown, and Lombardi. The Brown designation should tell you that somebody in the league is either from Ohio, or they’re a Browns or Bengals fan, since Paul Brown is the third inclusion in the list of immortal coaches. (They’re a Browns fan.)

The North Texas FF League emerged when the Trinity League split into two warring factions back in 1998. Two of the founding members (neither one me) had a falling out and thus had their own leagues. They eventually patched up their differences about 5 years later and have been members of each league since. The North Texas League is a little more democratic, with a lot more good-natured trash talk and locker room talk, and a good number of less serious fantasy football players. All decisions are made by a Jedi Council, and the trophies tend to have names like “The Jedi Cup”. Because of the democratic nature of decision making, the rules are constantly changing, and usually make no sense whatsoever. For instance, if Reggie Bush scores a punt return touchdown, he doesn’t get points for that run-back, but the Saints Defense gets td points–9 of them, for some odd reason. You’ll find no trade oversight, but bad trades open you to major opprobrium, so friend-trades seldom happen.

Division names in the North Texas League are directional (north, south, east, west), which really caused havoc when the guys, after a few beers, voted in a 6-division, 2-teams-per-division rule one year. You start to understand the level of zaniness here, including multiple mid-season blowups where somebody quits the league.

Gun Barrel City is a town in east-central Texas, to the southeast of Dallas. The Gun Barrel City league was created by a few later additions to the Trinity River group who wanted their own league with a few more of their own buddies and their own rule set-up, though it actually looks so much like the Trinity River league that their commissioner just copies-and-pastes the same rulebook onto their league rules every year. This league does have it’s own identity, because they are a little older, a little more chicken-fried (to non-Texans: rural), and talk about “God’s Country” a lot. All in all, it’s a lot more laid-back than the Trinity River group, as indicated by their division names (Lonestar, Budweiser, Coors Light), and without quite the same level of competition (about half the members are the same).

Descriptive League Names

The Insane FF League was my creation. I wanted a league that was different, so I decided to include a mad number of starters and a few odd scoring rules, so the league would have a completely different feel than all others. When I say “insane”, I don’t mean the rules make no logical sense. In fact, I wanted rules that were quite logical and encouraged real thought in the drafting process (36 rounds), because every position is roughly balanced against each other. The Insane League is complicated enough that one dominant player doesn’t guarantee a win, scoring is over 200 points a week for a good week, teams have to build a complete and balanced team, but having big games still matter. What I ended up with was a 16-man starting lineup, with 7 offensive players, 7 IDP defensive players, 1 field goal kicker, and 1 NFL head coach. Coaching is the biggest wild card, because the coach doesn’t get the recommended points (3 pts per win), but 10 points plus point differential.

The Insane League’s divisions are the Bedlam, Arkham, and Bellevue, in keeping with the motif. The trophy is a real straightjacket–not some costume knockoff. You sign your name to the jacket when you win. Because of the exotic nature of the rules and the high-maintenance nature of competing in the league, this has actually become the prestige league among my hardcore circle of fantasy football friends. It’s a different challenge and seems a little crazy to the casual fantasy football fan, so the name is apt. But it gets talked about a lot, because I never have to recruit anyone new to the league–other hardcore players hear about it word of mouth from their friends and apply for membership every year.

Lucas High Rollers League is the last of the my five leagues. High Rollers reflects the personality of its creator–it’s got the most prize money of any league I play in, has a revolving cast of owners which reflects the latest circle of friends of the commissioner, has a draft that traditionally takes place in a karaoke bar, and uses My Fantasy League’s “deluxe” scoring system. The High Rollers League is a larger-than-life organization. Some of the members are quite dedicated fantasy footballers. Other members are hangers-on and employees who only play for social or work-related reasons. The level of competition isn’t great, but then, that’s not always a negative in a league where a lot of money changes hand. The divisions are named Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno, so if you get the idea the commissioner enjoys gambling, you’re probably not too far off-base. A contest is a bit of a gamble. The scoring system encourages huge points for big games and few points for solid games, so luck is a huge factor.

Picking a Fantasy Football League Name

These are examples from my favorite fantasy football league. I’ve been in other leagues that play up the owners’ reckless attitude, some that touch on the type of league (redraft, auction, keeper, dynasty), and others that simply reflect an in-joke from twenty years ago. If you want advice on naming your fantasy football league, I suggest you find a league name that reflects the spirit of competition and collective personality of your league membership and go with that.

Funny Names for Fantasy Football Leagues

If you still can’t think of a funny name for your local fantasy football league, let me supply you with some ready-made humorous fantasy league names. These might not have the personal touch you might want, but they will do in a pinch.

  • Band of Brothers
  • Jedi Council
  • The Ballers Empire
  • Tackling Dummies
  • Old Farts League
  • Vatican Roulette
  • Selling Buicks to Ralph
  • Shouting Groceries
  • Doing the Funky Chicken
  • Tarnation
  • V.A.J.A.Y.J.A.Y.
  • The Beast with Two Backs
  • Old Timey League
  • Reversal of Fortune
  • Shut the Front Door
  • Urinary Olympics
  • Taking the Browns to the Superbowl
  • The Meat Whistles