Fantasy Football Trophies

Fantasy football trophies are a must in an ongoing fantasy football league. It’s good to have prize money and payouts for your fantasy champs, but the league champion wants to have something to show off at next year’s draft. He’s not likely to have the money mounted and displayed for his league rivals–though that would be funny. No, the fantasy football yearly champion wants a trophy to taunt his opponents with.

Getting a Fantasy Football Trophy

Trophies don’t have to be elaborate. What they have to do is someone embody the personality of the league. I’m in a league with a bunch of good ole country boys who play for love of the game. They have an old, white junior varsity helmet mounted on a block of wood and a base. Every year, the league winner takes a Sharpie and write his name, team name, and the year he won the league on the helmet. The trophy is perfectly ridiculous looking, and more than one wife in that league has cheered for their husband to lose so he doesn’t have that trophy in display at their house.

Insane Fantasy Football Trophies

One league I’m commissioner in is set up to be an intensive, complicated league where defense is as important as offense. I figured that NFL championships are won with defense, so NFL fantasy football should emphasize defensive stats just as much. So this league features 7 offensive starters, 7 defensive starters, 1 kicker, and 1 head coach each week. Scores tend to be between 170 and 270 points. The draft is 36 rounds online with a modified dynasty set-up.

Funny Fantasy Football League TrophiesWherever you draft a player, you can keep them by giving up that corresponding round’s draft pick next year, but if you make a trade and have two players in that round, you’ll have to slot one into a higher round. The whole thing is incredibly fun, but also a little crazy. Our trophy is a real-life straightjacket, with the winner signing their name, team name, and year won on this huge white surface with a Sharpie. The wives really love that one.

Classy Fantasy Football Trophies

In my original league, two of the league founders had a falling out when one of them tried to auction their players to the highest bidder at a supplemental draft late in the season. As you might imagine, the league split in half over that action, and split into two leagues. Our half of the league got rid of the supplementals altogether, wrote a 20-page rulebook to assure people (especially commissioners) would never auction players again, and for good measure added a trophy. Of course, we mockingly named the trophy after the departed co-founder of the league. It might sound classy, but it’s not. New members of the league still wonder why it’s called “The Fettinger Trophy”.

Fantasy Trophies with Personalities

Another league I’ve played in off-and-on over the years is a bit more democratic than some. Trades are regulated by nothing more than jeers among competitors, while all rules decisions are deferred to the league assembly (of interested members), known by the geeky name “The Jedi Council”. They have an actually quite nice trophy cup called the Jedi Cup for champion of the playoffs, and an quality (but not quite as nice) plaque for the overall points winner (which we all know is really the best team of the year).

The point being, make sure your league trophy has personality. Plenty of leagues have a losers bracket for teams that don’t make the playoffs and call this the Toilet Bowl Playoffs. More than one of these leagues offer a toilet seat as their league trophy. Other ideas I’ve heard about include a Faux Lombardi Trophy, a Faux Heisman Award, an actual championship ring, a champions mug, and an engraved championship belt like you’d see in boxing or professional wrestling. Your league can choose an expensive trophy or a cheap commemorative championship object. You’ve got to have hardware, but the hardware has to have character. What matters are the memories.

Fantasy Football Trophy Sites

You can find fantasy football memorabilia websites online that sell merchandise you can easily turn into a league trophy. Some online vendors offer official trophies, though about any sports memorabilia website on the Internet would do. If you live in Wisconsin, buying an official mounted Packers helmet and signing the helm is a perfect way to celebrate your yearly winners. You can do the same in any part of the country.

Think about any other sort of merchandise sports collectors might buy and it can be turned into a trophy. But if that sounds too expensive or exclusive, then buying a trophy with a football or a football player on it is perfectly appropriate. I suggest you get a trophy with a base that holds engravings. People love to have their names engraved on trophies, so if you place a plaque on the trophy each year with the winner’s information, it adds a sense of history to the league.

That’s one reason fantasy football plagues, while they might not be as showy as a league trophy, fit the bill nice for a league on a budget. You can buy the plaque for under $50, then the champ can spend $5 or $10 to have their name engraved every year. It should be worth the price, especially if the champion got prize money for the win.

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